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our story

When Cole & Mclain were in 8th grade at CdM they asked if I would bring them lunch since all the "other moms" were delivering sushi, Sharkey's, acai bowls, smoothies, tacos, In-N-Out and so on, to CdM for their kids' lunch every day. I refused and resisted. I continued to send them off every day with brown bag lunches but eventually I gave up and gave in. "But mom, you're a chef, we own a restaurant, can't you please bring us lunch just one day a week?"  So I did.

The next day I received several phone calls from their friends, "Mrs. Campbell, can you bring us lunch?" and from my friends "Lynne, can you bring my kids lunch?" and so for about two years I drove 20 lunches to CdM every Tuesday. Then it organically exploded, I'm still not sure exactly how, and we now deliver over 500 lunches a week through The Little Woman Catering Company.

In 2013 we decided to give back to the school that has given us so much. We donate 5% back on the lunches we deliver and are thrilled that we have donated over $38,000  from a lunch delivery program that started in the backseat of my car! 

Many thanks to everyone in our community for their support! 


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