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How do I set up an account?


Email us at and request a new account.  

Please enter NEW ACCOUNT  in the subject line.

Please provide the following:​

  • Student Name (s)

  • Student Grade (s)

  • Parent name

  • Parent email

  • Parent cell

What then?

You will receive a return email with a detailed attachment.

The attachment will have all instructions necessary to set up a new account and begin ordering.

When can I order?
Orders may be placed anytime up until 9 am Monday of the current delivery week.
What is the latest I can place an order?
Hate to be repetitive but 9 am Monday of the current delivery week.
Can I order for more than one week at a time? 
You can order for the upcoming week, month or even through the end of the school year!
Where does my student pick up lunch?
Pick up right outside the High School Office entrance.
What if my student is sick, has a field trip or is otherwise unable to pick up lunch?
All unclaimed lunches can be picked up at the Quiet Woman from 1 to 5. Any lunches left at 5 are donated to SOS.
YIKES... What if I forget to order?
We bring 2 extra lunches a day. In a pinch any student who has previously ordered may take an extra and will be billed the next time an order is placed. This is "in a pinch" not as a practice :)
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